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With our expertise in material formulation, we design our own range of custom masterbatches and compounds to meet your specific needs.

We design according to your requirements using a wide range of polymer bases: ABS, PE, PP, PET, PBT, PLA, PA, PS, Bio, and more.

You have a project and would like support in the development of your product or formulation: Contact us.



Do you want to enhance the skills of your staff?


LAB PLASTICS offers adapted training modules:


> Raw materials (Plastic Extrusion 101),

> Additives (Answering What? How? Why?),

> Film extrusion (Machine Process),

> Film extrusion (Fault – Causes – Consequences – Corrections),

> Laboratory testing.

Whether on-site, at our facilities, or remotely, our training adapts to your staff.


These training programs are recognized by OPCO 2i .





Our laboratory allows:

- Analyze the quality of your products.
- Analyze the causes of production defects (root cause analysis).

- To carry out research on materials.

- To prototype in small series


We regularly test new additives and we are very responsive in handling your files.


Our analysis laboratory offers a complete, personalized and reliable service.

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