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Anti- Microbial

The protection of surfaces is a fundamental criterion in the fight against micro-organisms , emphasizing the importance of hygiene measures to limit any risk of contamination. This is why LAB PLASTICS has expanded towards anti-microbial additives for your Compounds and Masterbatches.

This tested and approved technology finds its use in various applications, including:

- Medical instruments

- Phones and laptops,

- Kitchen utensils, including cutting boards,

- Small household appliances,

- Switches,

- Waste bags,

- Textile fibers,

- The toys of our faithful companions,

- And much more ...


- Our partner -


Lab Plastics has become the reference partner in anti-microbial Masterbatch for this leader in hygiene solutions. The latter fits perfectly into their medical, anti-odor and agri-food range.


Tailor-made formulation

As your projects evolve, LAB PLASTICS is committed to meeting your needs, whether original or complex.


Our expertise, our know-how and our testing system allow us to carry out the necessary tests to custom develop the product you need .

At LAB PLASTICS, we design with you , supervised by our quality and R&D department, tailor-made additives meeting your specific and unique requests. Whether you are looking for a particular property or an innovative effect, we work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Our agile structure allows us to be reactive and launch tests on our extrusion lines.

- NDA -

Non disclosure agreement

At LAB PLASTICS, we have the maturity and experience necessary to work under confidentiality agreements (NDA). We can develop your products in complete discretion.






To recycle your production scraps, unsold or defective products, LAB PLASTICS can help you. We optimize the reintegration of your residues, your end of series, your surplus, by re-granulating , additiving and valorizing them.

At LAB PLASTICS, we believe that waste is no longer to be thrown away, but that it is an integral part of your production . Thanks to our experiences in recycled polymer extrusion, we give new life to your raw materials, thus contributing to a circular and sustainable economy .

Our recycling process is supervised by our quality and R&D department, guaranteeing that each pellet produced meets strict standards of performance and reliability . We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop tailored solutions .

By choosing LAB PLASTICS, you benefit from efficient and responsible management of your waste, thus reducing your environmental impact while optimizing your resources . Our agile structure allows us to be reactive and to control the entire recycling process , ensuring a perfectly controlled and high quality transformation.

- Energy saving -

Did you know ?

Recycling plastic can save up to 88% of the energy needed to produce plastic from raw materials. This substantial energy saving significantly reduces carbon emissions. ( source )

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