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Together, your solution.

Founded in 2019 by David and his son Quentin Fayolle in Sainte-Sigolène (Haute-Loire), Lab Plastics is now based in Aurec-sur-Loire, in new and expanding premises. The company strives to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in compound additives and masterbatches for its customers.


Our history

The journey began in the 1990s for Mr. David Fayolle. Starting as a machine operator in film extrusion, he climbed the ranks over time to become a workshop manager and then a Research & Development manager for several years.


In 2008, leveraging his experience and vision, he founded his first company, F2DP Industrie, specializing in the production of commodity masterbatches for the extrusion sector.


In 2017, he launched Lab Plastics with the ambition to specialize in the manufacturing of compounds and masterbatches in small to medium series for specialty and custom products.


Today, Lab Plastics continues its development in specialty products, both physically and with its employees. Manufacturing everything in Aurec-sur-Loire, the company began expanding into export markets in 2023, targeting Europe, North Africa, and North America.

The team

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